How eKutumb's Financial/Banking IT Solutions Market Place Work How eKutumb's Financial/Banking IT Solutions Market Place Work


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Vast ecosystem of solution partners, resellers and service partners and the individual members are opening a whole new world of options and solutions for you. We help you achieve the optimum outcomes both in terms of conceiving the project as well as in managing the delivery complexity.

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As a Financial Institution, how to avail our services

Here’s a step-by-step view of how our process works:

How we assure high quality project delivery

Technology and software engineering models today have advanced to an extent that makes it possible to use assembly approach in making and delivering complex software projects. Each component of the solution uses the service-oriented architecture, making it possible for them to be produced and tested individually by solution partner as per the agreed requirements. The combined solution is realised through an assembly and aggregation process and is further tested by our specialised testing partner using automated testing tools.

This process is industrial and is similar to that which is followed by other more mature industries.

For clients, it means:

  • Single stop service that is also neutral and focused on client’s interest first.
  • Ability to pack more innovation in a single project by bringing together multiple marketplace solution.
  • Better service delivery and high quality assurance through assembly and aggregation methodology.
  • Incomparable value and efficiency.

One size never fits all when it comes to delivery and testing approaches. Our methodology dovetails into our clients requirements, intended objectives and implementation practices.