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eKutumb provides a unique opportunity for you to use your skills, share your expertise, and at the same time, realise monetary benefits for doing so.

Why Join Our Individual Member Program?

  • We allow you the opportunity to work with clients in the banking and financial industry where you’ll be focussed on innovation and technology trends that are redefining both financial and information industry.
  • You get to work on innovative projects.
  • You will expand your knowledge and skillset by co-working with a diverse set of hi-caliber individuals and solution partners.
  • We provide you with single digital destination for sourcing your freelance work

Based on your expertise, you can play one or more
of the following roles

How Do You Use Our Marketplace?

Once you complete your registration, we will match your desired role, skills, location and availability with opportunities that could come from the following participants and communicate with you.

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