WhyJoin eKutumb's Financial/Banking IT Solutions Market Place WhyJoin eKutumb's Financial/Banking IT Solutions Market Place

eKutumb for Financial Institutions

Here is why choosing us could be one of your best business decisions yet.

  • We help you save time, effort and project cost by providing access to a single platform where you not only find innovative solutions by vendors but also entire ecosystem for planning and execution – all exploiting marketplace efficiencies to provide you with greater value than your existing multilayer discovery, selection and vendor management processes.
  • The Marketplace ecosystem create reusable solution sets by combining respective propositions and offering to you as a single project centred around your business objective so that you do not require to create multiple projects with higher cost and management overheads.
  • We offer you access to a large pool of curated and experienced Subject Matter Experts in multiple locations for your business consulting, advisory, and IT services execution needs.
  • You access to all of these and your relationship and project execution governance through a completely digitized interface.

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